The pool at River Plantation Section XI is for the use of residents and their guests only. The association's rules require that the homeowner or resident must be present with their guests. Residents, please do not give your key to someone and invite them to go as your guests -- without you!

Please remember the following items especially:

  • Lower the umbrellas before leaving.
  • Contact the association to request a key if you need one.
  • Use our pool during daylight hours only. Our municipal permit to own and operate the pool specifies that it is for daylight use only.
  • Never bring glass or metal food/beverage containers into the pool area.

Finally, if at any time (and especially at night!), you find that there are people in the pool area who do not belong (they are not residents, or guests present with residents), please contact the association board as soon as possible. Feel free to photograph license plates, etc., of the vehicles. Our "outsider" problem is usually worse near the beginning of the season, and especially around the time schools finish their academic year. If we are diligent about staying on top of the problem early on, the rest of the season seems to go more acceptably.