Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How large is River Plantation Section XI?
A. River Plantation Section XI contains 134 units.

Q. When was it built?
A. Good question! 1999?

Q. Are there age restrictions?
A. No. We welcome homeowners of all ages: young families, with and without children, working couples, and retirees.

Q. How much is the monthly maintenance fee?
A. The monthly maintenance fee is $250.

Q. What does the monthly maintenance fee include?
A. The monthly fee includes trash pickup, all maintenance and upkeep on the grounds and other common areas. It also includes exterior painting, roofing, signs, pool and clubhouse repair and operations, and paving costs. For greater detail, please see the Maintenance page.

Q. What does River Plantation Section XI include other than condos?
A. We have a spacious clubhouse that River Plantation Section XI homeowners can rent for special occasions. We also have a pool that is open during the warmer months.

Q. What about insurance?
A. River Plantation Section XI maintains a master insurance policy on the building structures and common property. However, at this time, each homeowner receives an individual billing for his or her portion of the master policy. The policy will NOT pay for "betterment's and improvements" that homeowners have made. Homeowners must obtain their own insurance (called an HO6) for their possessions,improvements from original construction, and any deductible for the master policy. 

Q. Do River Plantation Section XI residents have any yard work for which they are responsible?
A. It depends! The association pays for the upkeep and maintenance of the common areas. This includes mowing the grass, trimming trees as needed, as well as the shrubbery/landscaping at the front entrance of each unit. However, many residents have added landscaping of their own choosing along the sides and/or the rear corners of their units. If a unit has landscaping along the side or rear, it is the homeowner's responsibility to maintain.

Q. Do River Plantation Section XI residents have any maintenance for which they are responsible?
A. Read a fairly complete list here.