Have you ever wondered just which maintenance items are the responsibility of the homeowners association, and which ones are the responsibility of the individual homeowner? Then read on!

Here is a list of items whose maintenance falls to the homeowners association (HOA):

  • Lights at the outside of the exterior storage (on the driveway side, and not controlled by individual homeowner circuits)
  • Mail box posts and their brackets (on which the mailbox sits)
  • Roof (home only — does not include patio roofs)
  • Gutters/gutter cleaning for home and carport (assumes that owner installed patio roofing does not interfere!)
  • Downspouts/cleaning
  • Siding and exterior trim (home and storage shed)
  • Gutter cleaning (home and carport, with assumptions
  • Rain water leaks involving roofs, siding, trim, outside windows and doors when leaks result from deteriorated wood or caulking
  • Area signs and house numbers
  • Clubhouse, pool, common grounds lighting, driveways, sidewalks
  • Shrubs planted at front of units (landscaping on side and rear is homeowner responsibility)
  • Trees planted by builder or condo association / all maintenance and utilities to support this landscaping
  • Building foundations
  • Exterior painting, including block patio wall (unless homeowner has painted with an alternate, board-approved color)

Here is a list of items whose maintenance falls to the homeowner(s):

  • Carport, cover, hardware, concrete surface
  • Concrete front porch
  • Door and window replacement/repair/weather seals
  • Electrical connections and wiring inside homes
  • Interior maintenance — all
  • Exterior lights connected to house electrical meter
  • Mail boxes (approved mailboxes only — posts and brackets are maintained by HOA)
  • Plumbing from outside wall to individual water meter
  • Sewer line from outside wall to main sewer line (exception: damaged caused by maintenance or failure of a common element)
  • Plumbing inside walls
  • Patio: concrete surface, fence repair or replacement, including gate
  • Patio roof or covering
  • Storage area: interior structural repair
  • Homeowner-installed trees, shrubbery, or other landscaping, including customization of the front area (requires approval)
  • Concrete block wall between neighboring patios (exception: original color paint, which is for the HOA)
  • Water damage to home interior
  • Interior damage from settling foundations
  • Electric and wind powered roof vents